“We’ve got magic to do, just for you.”

The 2014 Spring Musical was Stephen Schwartz’s Pippin, based on the book by Roger O. Hirson. Co-directed by David Hanright and Cathy Murray (she also conducted the live pit orchestra for the show), and choreographed by Emma Arenstam with assistance from Camden Loeser ’14, Pippin ran for 5 shows – most of them sold out! It was circus themed, much like the revival version of it on Broadway. The Players installed lyra hoops and silks, with the Dance Ensemble members learning how to use them, and incorporated them throughout the entire production, giving the show the added element of the circus. Costumes were designed by Elaine Lees, and each cast member had crazy freak makeup to look like they belonged in the circus. It was certainly an extraordinary show, with a finale justly famous throughout the civilized world.

The plot of Pippin itself is the telling of Pippin’s life by a mysterious performance troupe, headed by the Leading Player. Throughout the entire show, Pippin is in search of himself (hence the famous song, Corner of the Sky). The Players manipulate Pippin’s life to make him King, adding that razzle-dazzle, and give him everything he wants….as long as they get what they want: their big finale. However, their “big” finale is having Pippin commit suicide by setting himself on fire. Unfortunately for them, along the path to their big finale, Pippin met Catherine, and fell in love with her, so he forgoes killing himself and decides to be with her. The Players – furious – take away everything else from him: they take the razzle-dazzle they have added to his life and make him normal. He does not mind, as he has finally found his “corner of the sky” and leaves with Catherine. However, Catherine’s son, Theo, is intrigued by the Players, and the show ends with the players surrounding him, supposedly to continue the cycle.

Songs: Magic To Do, Corner of the Sky, War Is A Science, Glory, Simple Joys, No Time At All, With You, Spread A Little Sunshine, Morning Glow, On The Right Track, Kind of Woman, Extraordinary, Love Song, I Guess I’ll Miss The Man, Finale



Leading Player                                 Sam Saucier* ’14

Pippin                                                  Camden Loeser ’14

Charlemagne                                    Luke O’Connor ’14

Lewis                                                   Jake Buttarazzi ’16

Fastrada                                             Liz Lester ’14

Berthe                                                 Katie Spagnolo ’17

Catherine                                           Gwen Hill ’14

Theo                                                     Ryan Murray ’21           

Dance Ensemble                              Delainey Wescott (dance captain)* ’14, Abby Chelate ’15, Fran Petrucci* ’15, Katherine Gillespie ’15, Tori Kyle ’16, Abby Robinson ’15, Peyton Dill ’14, Michaela Courtney ’14, Zach Robinson ’15, and Lucas Going ’15

Principle Chorus/Soldiers           Rhiannon Johnson** ’17, Christian Park ’16, Savannah Coffin ’16, Lauren Dickson ’16, Maggie Piecuch ’15, Alanna Haslam ’16, Sarah Beth Campisi** ’14, Suki Chau ’15, Liz Park** ’14, Emily Counts ’14, Hannah Smith ’15, and Jesse James Sherwood ’14

Ensemble                                          Sabena Allen ’16, Katie Dube ’16, Sydney Curran ’14, Aubrey Gillis ’16, Nina Collay ’17, Nicole Agapiou ’15, Brooke Nadeau ’16, Rachel DellErba ’16, Lea Nason ’15, Haleigh McKechnie ’15, Jenna Scott ’15, Emma Clark ’16, and Kayla Martin ’16

* Manson Trio

** Featured Trio in ‘Kind of Woman’