Bits and Pieces

“Take a trip”

The TA Players’ performed Corinne Jacker’s play, Bits and Pieces, for the 2012 One Act Competition. They came in 6th place in the competition, with Adam Glynn ’13, Hayleigh Morrow ’13, and Camden Loeser ’14 winning All-Cast Awards for their performances.

The story follows a widow named Iris, who after the death of her husband Philip, falls into a state of depression. She tries to seek solace in the arms of her sister-in-law, Helen. However, Helen, though distraught over the death of her brother, is determined to get Iris out of her rut and is very harsh toward her. Helen encourages Iris to do something about her sadness, so Iris goes to see Philip’s doctor. She finds out that Philip had donated many of his vital organs and body parts, so Iris sets out to find each of the recipients of a part of her husband and talk to them. As she meets each person, Iris remembers different aspects of her life with Philip: their fights, his time in the hospital, their intimate moments, memories of him that make her smile, not cry. She makes a lot of new friends along her journey, including a kind, crazy, old woman named Ms. Eberly – who received one of Philip’s lungs –, a crotchety old man named Farley who received one of Philip’s ear drums, and Antonio, who speaks no English and has a very heated conversation (if you can call it that) with Iris about receiving her husband’s hand, and a monk who got Philip’s heart. As she finishes her journey, Iris tells Helen that although she is far from being okay with what happened to Philip, she is starting to let go.

bits and poeces

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